Abigale Gonzales – Character Art #1 (full color)

EX fig abby-2

Our brilliant colorist, Wes Hartman, has added his magic to the Abby artwork.

Now, check her out in her full color glory!

This is just the beginning of the great work being done by Chris & Wes.

1 comment for “Abigale Gonzales – Character Art #1 (full color)

  1. EV
    October 1, 2014 at 7:24 am

    Hey on each webpage I cant actually see the fully size picture of the characters, and I was sent by seeing Ryfts #1
    by ZurdoM on deviantart and wanted to see the images in better resolution, also could you give us a little hint into what each character is like ie. height, whats there favorite food, what region theyre from

    thanks 🙂
    look forward to reading this

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