Abigale Gonzales – Character Art #1 (inks)

I’d like to introduce everyone to the subject of our first character art pieces, Abigale Gonzales!

Abby is the culmination of the eXfig program’s first efforts. The combined efforts of Doctor Ernst Wagner and General George Lee.

Abby was a military brat whose father was a Colonel in the US Marine Corps. Before the rifts opened she was a photojournalist who travelled to the worst parts of the world.

Now, she is a genetically modified, magically enhanced, trained to perfection weapon in humanity’s fight against the otherworldly invaders (and the people helping them).

She is the main character of our first series of eXfig comics and so it is fitting that she is the first person from the comics you get a look at.

Stand by for the fully colored version of this art in the next coming days right here on exfig.com.

Art (pencils and inks) by Chris Gevenois.

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