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Odin is here!

We are pleased to unveil the finalized version of our Odin statue. Many thanks to Chris Gevenois, Javier Zuccarino and Soren Zaragoza for putting this together with their amazing skills. Want to get one of your very own? Go here and sign up today: Odin Product Page

Odin – WIP Video

I’m getting pretty excited about how things are coming along, so even though he’s not finished, here is a peek at our Odin statue.

Special thanks to Chris Gevenois, Javier Zuccarino and my wife Chandra for making this possible.



Model #3 – Odin!


Now that you’ve met Zeus and Indra, it’s time to introduce the second duo of battling deities.

Statue #3 is the Allfather himself, Odin!

Concept art comes from the talented Chris Gevenois.

Odin brings his wolves Geri and Freki into battle with him, and given who he’s fighting, he’s going to need them…