The Exfig Studios Team

Creative Director

Curt Achberger

Exfig Studios is the culmination of over three years of ideas rattling around in Curt's head. A background in project management and lack of any artistic abilities himself make Curt the best candidate to coordinate all our other talented individuals.

Concept Artist

Chris Gevenois

  An up and coming artist who has collaborated on several comic books (his medium of choice). Chris is currently working on the Salvagers comic, when he's not drawing awesome Gods for us to make. Chris is an Air Force veteran and lives in Utah.

Concept Artist

David Benzal

An illustrator and concept artist, David took some time away from creating his regular awesome scenes to design our Zeus and Indra models. David lives in Barcelona, Spain.

3D Artist

Javier Zuccarino

When he's not playing Blizzard games, Javier is making awesome 3d models of his own based on their characters. He created the models for Odin and Tu. Javier lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Digital Effects

Soren Zaragoza

A 2D/3D concept artist, Soren worked his magic on all the models once they were produced by the 3D artists. He makes our great work look truly epic! Soren lives in Guadalajara, Mexico.

3D Artist

Gurjeet Singh

A master of Zbrush and many other creative tools. He created the models for Zeus and Indra. Gurjeet lives in Bangalore, India.